mercoledì 15 aprile 2015


I  performed my artworks on many supports, canvas, wood, chalk, polystyrene, paper,
I thought, how it will be painting  on the earthenware ?
Could be a wonderful  idea, bring back my subjects on dishes of earthenware.
ok go ! I looked on web and I found with many difficult a factory.
wonderful dishes made in  Sicilian handicraft and so I ordered in various formats .
when they arrived I was very happy, they was as I had seen on web, very beautiful.
I immediately noticed one thing, removing the plastic protecting them,
the earthenware has changed  color for the humidity they has absorbed in the transport,
I started to make me some questions, the earthenware is porous and absorbs…how  could 
painting with the oil colors ?
 I should have thought it before, but I don't will stop for a problem, first I'll try and then will see!
So I have made it, I treated the part with chalk than with acrylic color, I put the dish near
a source of heat so the time was short, I made the sketch with  pencil on the dish and
I have started to painting.
Now is necessary it is dry, then I can give a coat of varnish so the dish will be protected.
As soon  as possible I will show the results of my work.
Ciao !!

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